Aims for 2022: why we’re going to Karlsruhe

Our Rainbow Pilgrims preparing for the WCC General Assembly recently in Karlsruhe (May 2022)

  • The theme of the General Assembly is “Christ’s love moves the world to reconciliation and unity”. We are an ecumenical network whose members live all over the world. Despite differences in resources, languages spoken, and time zones lived in, we have managed to keep our work going and come together to be physically present in Karlsruhe. We will be there to be encountered, and our pilgrimage is bearing fruit. We are going to Karlsruhe to share those fruits.
  • We’re here, we’re queer. We are sexuality- and gender-diverse Christians, and we know that not everyone gets to come into contact with people like us. Some will even be surprised that we exist. We are not a lobby group, but in Karlsruhe we will nonetheless advocate without shame for the interests of LGBTIQ+ individuals within religious environments, and for freedom of religion. In spite of difficult conversations, we will remain. We support diversity in many forms and offer a physical space to encounter queer Christians and enter into a constructive, informative, respectful dialogue with us.
  • On this basis, we wholeheartedly support the continuation of the work of the Reference Group on Human Sexuality within the WCC, which was reinstated in 2014 at the last general assembly. (Read more about this history via our member group IAM’s website.)
  • We will share resources from our faith journey: of movements from conflict to reconciliation, from exclusion to inclusion, from invisibility to celebration (see Testimonies). In Karlsruhe, we will share a printed publication containing all the testimonies we have gathered from rainbow pilgrims all over the world.
  • In light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we are – and always have been – unequivocally committed to peace and justice, both between individual people and between nations.

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