Rainbow Pilgrims’ Small Luk interviewed on The Priceless Podcast

One of our own Rainbow Pilgrims, Small Luk from Hong Kong, has been featured on a recent episode of The Priceless Podcast, the podcast that covers LGBT+ people and spirituality.

“I have to share how moved I was throughout this interview,” writes Mihael Secen, host and creator of the podcast.

“Small Luk, her vulnerability in sharing her story, her experience and drive to help intersex people around the world is inspiring and I find it hard to believe that it will leave you indifferent. Small dives into details of what she had to go through as an intersex person where others made the choice of what she is going to be.”

The Priceless Podcast has interviewed many other interesting guests, some of whom are also connected with our work at Rainbow Pilgrims. View the Priceless Podcast’s huge archive of back episodes here, and listen to Small’s story in the episode below.

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