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Our story so far…

Formed in 2013, Rainbow Pilgrims of Faith – also known as the Global Coalition – is a collective of activists and church members that works across five continents. Ahead of the 11th WCC General Assembly in Karlsruhe, Germany in September 2022, as Rainbow Pilgrims we are planning for ways to make a positive impact as the WCC visits European soil. It will be one of the largest international gatherings of its kind, with more than 5,000 leaders and representatives from more than 350 churches. Come and join us!

Our aims are:

  • To amplify the voice of LGBTIQ+ people of faith;
  • To bring more attention to issues of sexuality and inclusion of minority groups at the WCC;
  • To attend Karlsruhe 2022 as a unified coalition, to gain visibility;
  • To attract new voices and show the diversity of people of faith;
  • To welcome those interested in our work to our safe space;
  • To distribute information (leaflets, online materials) that might help others from diverse backgrounds to feel more at home during the Karlsruhe event.

Our member groups across the world

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North America

Latin America and the Caribbean




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