Six podcasts we loved in 2021

We know we’ve been a bit quiet lately – we’re working hard behind the scenes, and will have more to share in early 2022. During what has been another difficult year, it has nonetheless been an astonishing time for queer media creations.

Not all of the following episodes were released in 2021, but they have all provided food for thought, solace, and laughs during sometimes dark and difficult moments – so we wanted to share some of our favourite podcasts with queer Christian themes.

Got suggestions of what we should be listening to? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

1. The Priceless Podcast

Launched in 2020, the Priceless Podcast is made by Mihael Secen in Croatia, and powered by the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups, a member group of ours here at Rainbow Pilgrims. Featuring in-depth interviews on such topics as living with HIV, being gay in Nigeria, polyamory, being a queer pastor, and much more, the Priceless Podcast is prolific – with dozens of episodes having been released in 2021 alone, thanks in part to generous listener donations. With religion so often being a sidelined component of queer people’s lives, Priceless is a terrific addition to the LGBT+ podcasting space. You can support Mihael’s fantastic work here.

2. S***hole Country

Created by anonymous audio producer with the pseudonym Afia Kaakyire, S***hole Country is the story of one Ghanaian-American woman and her family. It opens with the question of whether 30-year-old Afia should move to Ghana, where her parents have returned to, or remain in the USA, where she grew up – but it takes many turns throughout eight beautifully-produced episodes. The reason for using a fake name becomes obvious towards the end of the series, highlighting a recent dark turn in the way LGBT+ people are talked about in Ghana, a country with an extremely religious population. Learn more here.

3. Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is a gentle podcast exploring life in America at the intersection of faith, identity and social engagement. This particular episode features pastor Danny Cortez and his son Drew who, in one car ride in 2013, came out to each other for different reasons – turning their worlds upside down. In conversations with each of them, listeners learn about the triumphs and troubles that followed.

4. The T-Spot

In this episode of the popular T-Spot Podcast, produced in the UK, host Topher Taylor speaks with Reverend Jarel Robinson-Brown, an openly queer priest in London who is also the author of the book Black, Gay, British, Christian, Queer (2021). The two discuss the nature of God, the church’s long history of persecuting LGBT+ people, and much more.

5. Queerology

Asking the question of how we might live better as queer people of faith and allies, psychotherapist Matthias Roberts brings together theologians, psychologists, poets, thinkers, and change makers for conversations around belief and being in this podcast. As a very established podcast with a lot of great guests, it’s worth going through the back catalogue for some eye-opening discussions from many angles.

6. Queer Theology

Clocking in at over 400 episodes, the Queer Theology podcast is released every Sunday and examines queer faith from a diverse array of perspectives. “Each week at Queer Theology, we take a passage from the upcoming Sunday’s lectionary and share a queer perspective on it,” write the creators. “We think that looking at what Bible passages might say for LGBT people and what LGBT people might bring to passages are both important.” Hear, hear.

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