Karlsruhe is happening, and we need your help!

Thanks to the dedication of our fundraising volunteers and the generosity of foundations, churches, and individuals, we manage to cover most of our costs. However, there are always unmet costs when running a network like Rainbow Pilgrims of Faith – we are volunteer-led with plenty of commitment of energy, but limited time and resources.

Please consider supporting our work by making a donation. The link leads to the secure donation page of our member group, the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups.

Please indicate when sending your donation that you intend for it to support the project ‘WCC Rainbow Pilgrims of Faith’.

Donations help with things like:

  • Volunteers’ travel costs – flights, hotels, meals and transport while in Karlsruhe
  • Website maintenance
  • Printing costs (books, publications, posters, badges)
  • Paying for occasional specialist help on matters such as communications

Thank you so much for your support.

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