Rainbow Pilgrims’ Kerstin Söderblom featured on The Priceless Podcast for the second time

We are delighted to share a recent episode of The Priceless Podcast featuring Kerstin Söderblom, who is one of our volunteers working in the Publications sub-group. This is Kerstin’s second time on the podcast, and she talks about her personal life as well as her journey to becoming a pastor, activist, writer and counsellor.

The Publications sub-group have been working hard to gather testimonials from queer Christians of faith around the world, which will be presented in a physical booklet in Karlsruhe.

The Priceless Podcast has interviewed many other interesting guests, some of whom are also connected with our work at Rainbow Pilgrims. View the Priceless Podcast’s huge archive of back episodes here, and listen to Kerstin in the episode below!

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