WCC: Conversations on the Pilgrim Way

A key ecumenical resource document on human sexuality is now available for download from the World Council of Churches (WCC). 

Conversations on the Pilgrim Way: Invitation to Journey Together on Matters of Human Sexuality is the result of work since 2014 by the Reference Group on Human Sexuality (RGHS). It was received by the WCC central committee in February 2022 as a “resource document for those member churches that are interested in deepening the discussion” on issues related to sexuality.

In presenting the report, the WCC’s programme committee said its members were aware that “human sexuality could be a divisive topic in churches.” It underlined the importance of “ecumenical dialogue in a safe space on topics that could be divisive and welcomed the invitation in this document to journey together in ethical dilemmas.”

The resource document notes that the WCC came together in 1948 “not because of the unity of the church but because of the division of the church.” 

Speaking as a member of RGHS but not on its behalf, Rev. Judith Kotzé of Cape Town, South Africa, thanked Rainbow Pilgrims of Faith, saying that it “was a great support throughout the journey” of the reference group.  

Members of Rainbow Pilgrims hope to bring more attention to issues of sexuality and inclusion during the upcoming 11th Assembly in Karlsruhe, Germany (31 August to 8 September), including support for continued work by the reference group.


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